Regenerative and Transitional Therapy

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Our philosophy is to use evidence and science based medicine and procedures for regeneration, remodulation and anti-aging.

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    About CCRT™

    Canadian Centres For Regenerative Therapy

    We specialize in Regenerative and Transitional Medicine. Regenerative medicine is a new and revolutionary field that uses clinical solutions to repair and heal damaged tissues in the body due to aging, trauma, or disease.

    Our procedures promote healing, regulate cellular functions, implement immunomodulation and regenerate damaged tissue.


    Transitional Medicine is a new and rapidly growing field of medicine aimed at accelerating the implementation of new diagnostic and treatment methods, in a safe and efficient way. These methods would take years to decades to reach the intended patients and communities.

    Transitional Medicine uses a multidisciplinary, collaborative, safe and evidence-based approach to expedite bench-to-bedside delivery of medical advancement.

    Regenerative and Transitional Therapy

    Our philosophy is based on the concept of delivering evidence-based solutions in the fields of:


    We use stem cells and other biologics to treat and repair damaged tissues. The accelerated advances in biotechnology and cell biology allow us to deliver clinical treatments to treat conditions that were deemed untreatable in the past.


    We can boost the body’s natural healing potential by providing proteins and molecules that eliminate any toxic and damaging processes in a tissue. This process allows us to promote the tissue into a healthy state and treat it faster.


    We use stem cells and other natural non-synthetic biologics to restore tissues to a state of natural health. We can rejuvenate skin, joints and muslces to restore mobility and increase functionality and give the skin natural purity.


    Unlike synthetic fillers that causes skin damage along with serious side effects. Our cutting edge treatments have shown to enrich aging skin with collagen and repair damaged DNA at the cellular level without any side effects.

    Chondrostem™ Technology

    Our stem cell technology is based on proprietary information using our Chondrostem™.

    Chondrostem™ is a marrow-based cell therapy allograft that regenerates, heals cartilage, and repairs damaged tissue. Chondrostem™ shuts down inflammation and degeneration and restores the natural matrix leading to full recovery and healing.

    Procedures and Applications

    Conditions that can be treated with Regenerative Medicine


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    Whether you are just starting your research, have questions, or you are ready to get treated, we are happy to help. Leave your contact information and we will contact you within 12 hours.

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      Your Trusted Expert

      Dr. Riam Shammaa. MD.CCFP(SEM)

      Dr. Shammaa is a national expert in musculoskeletal, regenerative and pain medicine. He serves as the Medical Director at CCRT and the lead scientist at the National Institute for Stem cell Research. He is a pioneer in autologous and allogeneic stem cell treatments. He was the first to conduct a spinal discs repair using stem cells in Canada.

      Dr. Shammaa lectures at the University of Toronto and across Canada on Musculoskeletal diseases, stem cells, Translational medicine and regenerative medicine. He has lent his expertise to the National Ballet of Canada, Toronto Marlies, Toronto FC, Mississauga Steelheads, Ryerson Rams, and Ontario Women’s Hockey Association. He was also appointed as lead physician at the 2015 Pan Am games and currently serves as the lead physician for Boxing Ontario.

      Patient Testimonials

      I’m thrilled to report that both hips have miraculously returned to normal! No pain, no stiffness, great mobility….Hooray! So, if you agree, I am not going to go ahead with second PRP shots now, but take a wait and see position and hope that the first shots did the trick. My hands are now 70% better after only 4 days. Please advise when the earliest I can come back for the second shoulder shot.

      –Mr. Breslin

      I’ve started walking again, and my left knee feels fine, my right knee which was more degenerative, still aches when I’m walking, but not as much or as often as before. Swelling has gone quite a bit, and I’m being patient in regards allowing the treatment to take the time it needs for healing…already I am seeing improvements. Thanks very much for your help.

      –Carmen R.

      Free consultation

      Whether you are just starting your research, have questions, or you are ready to get treated, we are happy to help. Leave your contact information and we will contact you within 12 hours.

        or call us +1 416 479 8667

        Frequently Asked questions

        • What is Regenerative Therapy?

          Regenerative Therapy is a branch of translational research in tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the “process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function.”

        • What is PRP?

          PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, supports faster healing of soft tissue injuries of tendons, ligaments and muscles. It uses the body’s own blood to naturally stimulate tissue and wound healing, and may eliminate the need for more extensive treatment, such as surgery.

        • What are Stem Cells?

          Stem Cells are a regenerative cell-based therapy that can be used for the management of inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis, joint pain associated with early arthritis, and cartilage damage.

          When the body sustains damage from trauma, disease or simple wear and tear, it normally results in the formation of a wound. These wounds can be external or internal to the body, affect a specific tissue or structure, and often result in a void or loss of tissue. As part of the body’s normal healing mechanisms, a biological process begins to repair the damaged area. To help the body’s own healing mechanisms, stem cells can be used.

        • What Conditions are treated by Stem Cell and PRP injections?

          We use stem cell injections to treat inflammatory conditions and joint pain such as:

          • Osteoarthritis (knees and shoulders)
          • Plantar fasciitis
          • Tendonitis
          • Wrist and joint pain
          • Tennis or golf elbow
          • Rotator cuff tears
          • Bursitis
          • Muscle and tendon injuries such as calf and hamstrings

        • What are the Potential Benefits of Stem Cell and PRP Injections?

          Potential Benefits of Stem Cell and PRP Injections are the folowing

          • Potential Benefits of Stem Cell and PRP Injections are the folowing Improve symptoms
          • Regain function after injury
          • Eliminate the need for more aggressive treatments such as long-term medication or surgery

        Regenerative therapy Myths

        • Myth #1 – The Stem Cells Used in SCT Come from Embryos

          Myth #1 – The Stem Cells Used in SCT Come from Embryos

          Not true. They actually come from your own body. They are called Adult Stem Cells. Human fat tissue is the largest natural source of stem cells, but when you suffer an injury your body can’t supply enough of these valuable stem cells to the injured area. We use an Adipose Transfer System (ATS) to retrieve these stem cells and re-inject them to the injured area.

        • Myth #2 – SCT is “against the law.”

          Myth #2 – SCT is “against the law.”

          This myth relates to Myth #1, as the use of “embryonic” stem cells is considered controversial, especially in the U.S. But the use of Adult Stem Cells from your own body is approved by Canadian health agencies, and has even been blessed by religious leaders such as previous Pope Benedict.

        • Myth #3 – Your Body Will “Reject” the Cells

          Myth #3 – Your Body Will “Reject” the Cells

          Some people confuse SCT with an organ transplant, in which some donor organs can be rejected. But since these are your body’s own cells being used, there is no chance for rejection.

        • WMyth #4 – SCT is as Invasive as Surgery

          Myth #4 – SCT is as Invasive as Surgery

          Nothing could be further from the truth. Patients are only given a local anesthetic, the procedure only takes a few hours in an outpatient setting, and people are generally back to work within a day or two.

          The facts show that regenerative therapies like SCT empower people to live without pain, and take charge of their health.

          It’s time to recover fully, without surgery.

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